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Sports et Divertissements

1. Chorale

 I have written a serious and proper chorale for the shrivelled up and the stupefied.  It is a bitter preamble, an austere and non-frivolous introduction.  It contains all I know about boredom. I dedicate it to those who don’t like me. I withdraw. Erik Satie 15 Mai 1914.

Bar 1.  Seriously. bar 3. Surly & Peevish. bar 9. Hypocritically bar13. Slowing down (rall.).

2. The Italian Comedy

In the Neapolitan Style  Bar 1. Scaramouch explains the beauties of the Military Profession. 10. They are very smart.    12. They frighten the civilians.16. And their amorous affairs! 18. And the rest. 20. What a fine job

3. The Hunt

Bar 1. Do you hear the rabbit singing? 5. What a voice! 7. The Nightingale is in its burrow. 11. The owl suckles its children. 13. The young wild boar is going to marry.15. Me, I knock down nuts with rifle shots.

4. Blind Man’s Buff

Bar 1. Seek, mademoiselle. 4. Your lover is at two paces .6. How pale he is: his lips tremble.     8. You laugh? 9. He holds his heart in both hands. 10. But you pass by without knowing him.

5. The Awakening of the Bride

Bar 1. The arrival of the procession. 3. Shouts .5. Get up! 7. A dog dances with his fiancee.

6. Fishing

Bar 1. Murmurs of the water in a river bed. 5. Arrival of one fish. 7. And another. 8. And two more. 10. What is going on? 12. It is a fisherman, a poor fisherman. 14. Thank you. 17. Everyone goes home, even the fisherman. 19. Murmurs of the water in a river bed.

7. Yachting

Bar 1. What weather! 2. The Wind is blowing like a sea lion. 5. The Yacht dances like a giddy thing. 7. The sea is raging. 9. I hope it doesn’t break on a rock. 11. No-one can calm it down. 13. “I don’t want to stay here “says the pretty lady passenger.“It is not an entertaining place”. 17. “I like to do other things”. 19  “Go and get me a car”.

8. Sea bathing

Agitatedly Bar 2. Madame, the sea is big. 5. Anyway it’s quite deep. 8. Don’t sit on the bottom it is very damp. 10. Look, here come some good old waves. 14. They are full of water. 16. You are all wet!

9. The Carnival

Bar 1. The confetti descends. 3.  Here is a sad masker. 5. A drunken pierrot acts the fool. 7. The arrival of some supple dominos. 10. People jostle to see them. 12. “Are they pretty?”

10. Golf

Bar 1. The colonel is dressed in violent green, scotch tweeds. 7. He will be victorious. 10. His caddy follows him, carrying the bag. 14. The clouds are astonished. 16. The holes tremble. 20. The colonel is here. 21. See him make a fine swing 23. His club bursts apart!

11. The Octopus

Bar 1. The octopus is in its cavern. 3. She amuses herself with a crab. 5. She chases it. 7. She swallows it but it goes down the wrong way. 9. Distraught, she walks on her own feet. 11. She drinks a glass of salt water to make her better. 13. The drink makes her feel great and bucks her up no end.

12 The Races

Bar 1. The weigh-in. 2. Buying the programme 3. Twenty & twenty. 5. At the start. 6. They’re off.7. Some swerve. 9. The losers (pointed noses and drooping ears)

13 Puss in the corner

Bar 1. The four mice. 2. The cat. 10. The mice excite the cat. 12. The cat stretches himself. 14. The cat dashes out. 15. The cat is placed.

14 The Picnic

Bar 5. They have all brought some very cold veal. 9. “You have a beautiful white dress”. 15. “There’s an aeroplane.” 18. “Oh no, it’s a thunderstorm.

15 The Water Chute

Bar 1. If you have a strong heart you won’t be sick Getting louder and slower 8. It will feel as if you have fallen off a scaffolding. 12. You will see how funny it is. Dragging 13. Look out!Rapidly 18. Don’t go green. in tempo 20. I feel awful That proves you needed to have some fun.

16 The Tango (perpetual)

With great boredom.Bar 3. The tango is the dance of the devil 5. It is the one he prefers. 6. He dances it to be cool.  . His wife and his servants dance it to be cool as well.

17 The Toboggan

Running Bar 1. How cold! Slowing  Resuming 11. Ladies, the nose in the furs. 17. The toboggan flies. 19. The countryside is cold and doesn’t know where to put itself.

18 The Flirt

Bar 1. They say pretty things to each other, modern things 5. “How are you?” 6. “Am I not loveable? 8. “Leave me alone” 10. “You have big eyes” 12. “ I want to be in the moon” 14. He sighs. 15. He nods his head.

19 The Fireworks

Bar 1. How black it is. 5. Oh ! A Bengal fire. 9. A Rocket! A rocket - all blue! 13. Everyone admires. 15. An old man goes wild. 18. The bouquet!

20 Tennis

Bar 1. Play? 6. Yes! 9. A fine server. 13. What a fine pair of legs! 20. He has a fine nose. 22. Service sliced. 29. Game.