Wind Music

We no longer run the world famous Harrogate Wind Chamber Event at the White Hart.  Sadly the old place has changed and we have also decided to concentrate on the publication side of our business.  The good news is that the event continues under new management using the same basic design, still a fabulous week and now in a different setting that is in many ways better.  It is at York University - in a purpose built music department. even a purpose built concert hall, on a green campus in the ancient walled city of York - still  a  Bettys, in fact two and a main line station with good relatively high speed connections.  The best news is that it is led by Richard Ingham and Margaret Douglass who were a key part of the old event and make sure the traditions continue unchanged.  Click on : http://www.largo-music.co.uk/course_hwcm.php for full details of their event

 If you haven’t been before you can look forward to one of the best weeks of your life. You will play a vast repertoire, I was once told that you will play more chamber music in a week than many students do in three years at music college; it was an eminent professor from a London college who said this. You will be under the tolerant guidance of tutors they would also give their eye teeth to have known.

Have fun.