Wind Music



I hope newcomer Gabriel Chan’s adoption of our 40 year old trade mark Norvik Music in his web & email addresses www.norvikmusic.com & norvikmusic@gmail.com for his Chinese Norvik site hasn’t confused you. We have always used  www.Norvikmusic.co.uk but overlooked registering  the .com version.

 More recently we added  the explicit www.Norvikwindmusic.co

if you are placing or have already  placed an order and need help  then the best address is Norvmus@aol.com.

 If there are more general issues about the site, the range of the music on it, suggestions about new editions or  anything you want to say about the music you have performed or  how a concert went then Tony@Norvikmusic.uk  or Tony@norvikwindmusic.com. will find me.  I work hard to get all the notes right and in  the right  right order but if you find an error please  let me know so that I can correct it.

Tony Turrill.