Wind Music

To obtain a pdf file please follow this simple procedure

Send us an email to Norvmus@aol.com with

The Composer, Title and NM number of the work or works that you want to play

We will reply with a paypal invoice  As soon as you have paid we will then send you an email with pdfs of score and parts attached   (If you want the pdfs delivered to a different  email address let us know)

Terms and conditions.

This publication remains the copyright of  Norvik Music.  You are the only person licenced  to produce one printed copy for your own use and the music will be so annotated  Please do not make illicit copies or copy the pdfs to others. Our main concern is music making not profit making but not only is production of other copies by any means illegal, the loss of sales will mean our income will drop below our expenses and eventually kill a small enterprise like ours. So we ask you to respect our rights.

Any questions and you can contact us on norvmus@aol.com

Thank you for your custom