Wind Music

Quintet for Clarinet in A and String Quartet

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Edited by Alan Hacker for Basset Clarinet (alternatives for normal clarinet provided)

Basset Cl in A or Cl in A/2Vn./Va./Ce./


Click on the quaver for excerpts from Alan’s new setting  Sections using the basset notes have been selected


Mozart wrote this quintet for his friend Anton Stadler.  There is a strong argument that Mozart originally composed it for a basset clarinet, Stadler’s instrument and  that the edition with which we are so familiar is a later transcription for the shorter common  A clarinet,  trascription possibly even made by Mozart himself with an eye on sales.

This edition by Alan Hacker  - the first modern edition that includes the basset clarinet - is based on thirty two years of performances on both modern and classical clarinets and starts from the premise that it is possible to forecast reasonably accurately where Mozart would have taken advantage of the lower notes of the instrument.  We are so familiar with the common version that when first heard or played this new edition may sound a little unusual but it soon becomes eminently natural.  An alternate  version for the normal clarinet is included.

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If you possess a basset clarinet it is highly likely that you already own or can access the regular score and string parts,  we are therefore offering the Basset Clarinet separately.

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