Wind Music

  Listen Before You Buy


When you were on our home page you were not listening to a recording of a real quintet but a performance by a virtual group playing of snatches of the Mozart Bb Clarinet Quintet, Mvt 1 & 3. How was it done? Individual members of a well known orchestra recorded the chromatic range of their instruments and produced a library of sound. This was then used to convert the score, note by note, into a performance by a virtual quintet.

We are busy designing an e-shop that will use this technology to produce similar virtual performances for every work in our catalogue. This phase is complete  and for every  there excerpts that you can use to browse through the whole catalogue. When the details of a work are selected, you will be able to listen to complete performances of each movement and also download the full virtual performance free onto your own equipment

here are some examples from the more than 50 works in the catalogue Just click on the quaver to hear   a few examples.  These are all excerpts but but clicking on the blue name will take you to the page tht holds the full performances.  Use the catalogue to navigate to any to the rest of the works  so that you can  “Listen Before You Buy”


Monteverdi; ave maris from the vespers (clarinet choir)  


Clarinet and strings

Mozart clarinet quintet in Bb  (cl/2vn/va/ce).


Woodwind ensembles

Mozart fantasia for clock organ no.2 (2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn)


Wind Quintets

Schubert  “little bear quintet(fl./ob./cl./bsn/hn)


Wind and Strings

Suk romance from pohadka (solo viola/2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn./2hn)



Suk minuet and polka ( 2ob; 2cl; 2bsn; 2hn)


Larger Wind Ensembles

Brahms Serenade No.2  for double wind quintet(2Fl./2Ob./2Cl./2Bsn./2Hn)


Haydn notturni 1 to 8.  All set for wind decettes (2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn/2hn)



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