June Emerson Wind Music is a major on-line supplier of wind music including sheet music for flute, clarinet sheet music, and orchestral music


Largo Music is a multi-faceted music company providing providing music courses, including what used to be known as the Harrogate Chamber Music course, an event  based on the wind quintet instruments and which is now located on the York University Campus. Their services also include:

  • Sheet music snd recordings by Richard Ingham
  • Composing and arranging services
  • Editing and Engraving - manuscripts prepared for publication
  • Event Management
  • Recording production
  • Recording project management
  • Professional development seminars
  • Education workshops
  • Saxophone masterclasses
  • Ensemble workshops
  • Jazz education


Dr. Ed. Pillinger  is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of clarinet  mouthpiece design and acoustics, speaking regularly at international conferences. In addition to his work designing and producing a range of mouthpieces, he also carries out specialist restoration work including the reproduction of antique mouthpieces.