Wind Music

Eight pieces from the Lyric Suites

Edvard Grieg

arranged by Tony turrill for wind quintet



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1. Arietta (Book 1)

2. Grandmother’s Minuet  (Book 5)

3. Notturno  (Book 5)

4. Puck  (Book 10)

5. Vanished Days (Book 6)

6. Scherzo  (Book 5)

7.Evening in the Mountains  (Book 9)

8. Remembrances (Book 10)


The Lyric Suites alone stretch to 10 volumes, each containing many individual pieces, 66 works in total. Selecting the first and last was easy using the movements that Grieg himself used. Perhaps Arietta (a little aria) was about the young girl who was his first love and Remembrances represents him looking back after a lifetime of happiness elsewhere, occasionally a little wistfully but largely with affection, at what might have been. It was certainly one of Grieg’s favourite works. Selecting six from the remainder in the ten books was much harder. The very well known March of the Trolls, Tronheim Wedding etc were avoided and six in different moods, that contained passages that might sit well on each of the five instruments and that critically the arranger especially enjoyed were finally chosen . Some changes to the accompaniments have been made to allow the change from piano to wind but always with Grieg’s harmonies and hopefully following his intentions. Keys have been altered where necessary to bring pieces within the range of the various instruments of the quintet.

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