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Music Sales Changes


We have just been connected to fibre broadband - a tenfold increase in speed. So we are able to move into the 21st Century.  One by one we are making it possible for you to download all our publications as an Adobe pdf file.  For those who still like buying their music on the printed page, June Emerson Wind Music will provide that service for us.

pdf Files

What are the advantages?

  • Simplicity
    • Simple ordering - just email the name and NM number to Norvmus@aol.com 
    • Simple payment - we send  a Paypal invoice to your email address, you pay online
    • Simple delivery - once invoice is cleared, you receive an email with pdfs attached
  • Speed
    • Compared to air mail/steam mail we can talk hours across the world not days/weeks from order to delivery
  • Cost
    • We save money printing so can offer you around 30% off current prices
    • No p&p charges. Major benefit for large heavy works especially non-uk orders

Clearly if you choose pdfs you will have the job of printing your copy and you need an appropriate printer and know how to use Adobe print software.

Of course if you have the right technology you can avoid paper altogether. Just display the pdfs on your tablets. 

Printed music

We eventually intend to stop selling paper copies completely but as we change each work to pdf format a professionally produced paper copy will become available from June Emerson Wind Music.

Then you will be able to just log on to www.Juneemersonwindmusic.com.   To locate the work, enter the NM number that you want to buy in SEARCH and then follow the usual instructions.

As we make the changes, we will indicate how each piece of music can be accessed on the individual page and we are including a new page labelled Digital in the navigation buttons that will list our overall progress.