Wind Music

Wind Quintet

Franz Schubert

arranged by Tony Turrill



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Mvt. 1 Allegro molto,

Mvt. 2 Andante 

Mvt. 3 Allegro vivace


Tony Turrill writes of this quintet :-

“This arrangement of a violin sonatina by Franz Schubert was prompted by two events.  The first was publishing a delightful arrangement by James Breed of the same sonatina for wind octet.  (also available from NorvikSheetMusic). The typesetting process  embedded the melodies so firmly in my brain that I frequently awoke with the tunes singing in my head.  The second event was directly related to the quintet version.  Each of my grandchildren in turn was addicted to a particular children's television programme which my wife and I "enjoyed"  over and over and over and and over again.  They included Thomas the Tank Engine;  Pingu; Postman Pat;  thankfully Wallace and Grommet, and a Canadian  cartoon character called Little Bear.   Little Bear  performed to the strains of the last movement of this sonatina,  played by a wind quintet.   I couldn't trace their arrangement and therefore if I wanted to play it, I had to make my own.   This arrangement is therefore dedicated to three people - James Breed, Little Bear and my youngest grandson William Cook who has now just graduated from University studying music - producing rock music”. 

Some liberties have been taken to fit the new instruments to the original score  particularly at the beginning, where listeners will recognise the influence of the "marches militaires",  and in the clarinet accompaniments of the last movement.

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